Support practitioners in the field of adult education (i.e., teaching older persons the use of ICTs) and long-term care in building their capacity on how they can help older persons to meet their potential in digital participation, while protecting their rights to health, autonomy, independence, and privacy. 

Survey on the provision of health and social care
to older persons​

Are you a practitioner (e.g., nurse, social worker, personal assistant, informal caregiver, medical practitioner, etc.) providing health or social care to older persons? If so, please participate in the St@ndbyMe survey (available in 7 languages)

The "@" symbol in our logo represents our mission's digital focus and underscores our dedication to using technology to empower older individuals. The inclusion of a head and arms in the symbol, safeguarding a bird, represents our commitment to protecting human rights, promoting independence, and ensuring privacy as essential aspects of our project.

How will we do it?

The project will introduce a rigorous human rights framework in the training activities within informal settings for digital literacy among older persons. The proposed actions include a variety of local and international training activities for practitioners, educational material that can support their work, an enhanced community of practise, field-testing the resources, and promotion and dissemination of an intervention model applicable at European level.


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